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North Carolina Chapter of HFMA - Past Presidents

Past President Year
Ken Vance, MBA, ACHE2015-2016 
Tim McElderry, MBA, CPA 2014-2015
Steve Duncan 2013-2014
Kimberly Coker, MHA 2012-2013
Keith Boyd 2011-2012
Linda Darden, FHFMA, CPA 2010-2011
W. Roger Stroud, CPA 2009-2010
*Robert L. Barber, DHA, FHFMA 2008-2009
Suzan “Snow” Coriale-Roche 2007-2008
W. Dempsey Craig 2006-2007
*Larry V. Hughes, CPA 2005-2006
Kent C. Thompson, FHFMA 2004-2005
Angela V. Deans, FHFMA 2003-2004
Millie R. Harding, FHFMA, CPA 2002-2003
W. Christopher Johnson, FHFMA 2001-2002
Randy B. Medlin, FHFMA 2000-2001
Bunnie B. Overby 1999-2000
Stephen M. Moore, CPA 1998-1999
Linda Brisson 1997-1998
Charles L. Acker 1996-1997
*M. Amelia Bryant, FHFMA 1995-1996
Deborah Whittington 1994-1995
Dennis J. Coffey, FHFMA, CPA 1993-1994
Carolyn Carroll Ward 1992-1993
Richard L. Rollins, FHFMA, CPA 1991-1992
Bill J. Fuller, FHFMA 1990-1991
*Bobby E. Duncan, FHFMA 1989-1990
Donald R. Whittington 1988-1989
*Marshall C. Roberson, CPA 1987-1988
Jerry A. Ritchie, CHFP 1986-1987
Belinda C. Tilley 1985-1986
Oren M. Wyatt, FHFMA 1984-1985
*Donald Dunbar, FHFMA 1983-1984
*Warren “Bud” Taylor 1982-1983
Marian L. Safriet 1981-1982
David B. Clarke 1980-1981
Robert L. Newton, FHFMA 1979-1980
*Ronald A. Russell 1978-1979
*Gerald N. Hewitt, Ph.D. 1977-1978
*Marvin A. “Johnny” Bryan 1976-1977
*Dan A. Powell 1975-1976
Vann D. Camp 1974-1975
*Henry Scott 1973-1974
*Roland H. Seals 1972-1973
*D. Ronald Tomlinson, FHFMA 1971-1972
Ronald A. Lochbaum, FHFMA 1970-1971
W.H. “Ham” Hudson 1969-1970
Raymond Rich, CPA 1968-1969
*Kenneth G. Barnett 1967-1968
*Thomas M. Surratt 1966-1967
Billy G. McSwain, FHFMA 1965-1966
*Earl H. Tyndall, Jr. 1964-1965
*William J. Walther 1963-1964
Paul S. Ellison 1962-1963
Paul S. Ellison 1962
*Clyde B. Graham 1961
*John H. Ketner, FHFMA 1960
*George W. Dixon 1959
*George W. Dixon 1958
J.W. “Bill” Moffitt 1957
*Oscar M. Marvin, Jr. 1956
*Oscar M. Marvin, Jr. 1955
*W.W. “Bill” Black 1954

"*" Denotes Deceased

Past President Update.pdf

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