Bill Moffitt Scholarship



NUMBER:                            47

SUBJECT:                           J. William “Bill” Moffitt Scholarship Committee

EFFECTIVE DATE:         December 17, 2009

REVISED:                            August 20, 2015

It is the policy of the North Carolina Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association to promote the field of healthcare financial management by awarding scholarships to outstanding students for the study of healthcare financial management.  Outstanding students seeking a degree in healthcare administration or healthcare management with an interest in a career in healthcare financial management will be eligible for the scholarships.

The scholarship program is named in honor of J. William “Bill” Moffitt, Ed D., a founding member of the North Carolina Chapter of HFMA, and a strong supporter of higher education.

The scholarship program will be administered by a chapter Scholarship Committee, consisting of a minimum of three (3) Chapter Past-Presidents, who shall be members in good standing, appointed by the NCHFMA President.  One of the members of the Scholarship Committee will be designated as the committee chair by the NCHFMA President.  The Chair of the Scholarship Committee will be responsible for publicizing and promoting the Scholarship to members in the Tarheel News and to educational institutions in North Carolina that offer healthcare management or health administration programs.  The Chair of the Scholarship Committee will also be responsible for ensuring that the chapter website has the current mailing address and email address for submission of the application.

Scholarship Details:

·         Two scholarships per year, valued at $2,000 each, will be awarded to be applied to room, board, tuition, and books.  The scholarship payment will be made to the student’s account at the educational institution in which the student is enrolled.

·         The scholarship awards will include waiver of registration fees for the Annual Meeting and the Summer Institute for the scholarship year.

·         The scholarships will be awarded twice per year and will be presented at the Annual Meeting or at the Summer Institute.  The award will also include reimbursement of up to $200 expenses for attendance at the meeting at which the award is presented.

·         Candidates may only receive one award of the scholarship.

Candidate Qualifications:

·         Must be sponsored/recommended by a member in good standing of HFMA whose home chapter is the North Carolina Chapter.

·         Must be currently enrolled in a community college, college, or university for seeking a 2-year, 4-year, or advanced degree in health administration, health management, or business, and with a demonstrated concentration and career interest in healthcare financial management.

·         Must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation) and must be maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent passing grade, at the institution of current enrollment.

Application Process:

·         Candidates must submit a 500 - 1000 word essay on the reasons he/she has chosen the field of healthcare financial management and his/her plans for a career in this field.

·         Candidates must supply two letters of reference, one from the sponsoring/recommending NCHFMA member and one from an employer or instructor.

·         Candidates must submit current official transcripts from the institution of current enrollment.

·         Candidates must provide documentation of academic standing upon submission of the application.

·         Candidates must complete the attached application form in its entirety, including the section on extracurricular activities and personal interests.  NOTE:  The application can be printed from the NCHFMA web site

·         Candidates must be willing to be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee and/or the NCHFMA Board, if requested.

Selection Process:

·         A candidate’s completed application, with all required attachments and enclosures, is to be given to the sponsoring/recommending NCHFMA member for submission to the NCHFMA Scholarship Committee.  Application packages should be submitted to the Chair of the NCHFMA Scholarship Committee, at the address or email shown on the NCHFMA web site.

·         Application cut-offs will be April 15 and October 15 of each year.

·         Recommendations of the Scholarship Committee for scholarship awards will be submitted to the Board at a subsequent board meeting.

·         If the Scholarship Committee determines that there is a tie between two candidates, the Scholarship Committee may interview the candidates.  If the tie still exists, the Scholarship Committee may forward both applications to the Board and the Board may choose to conduct interviews. 


Download an Application to Apply for the Bill Moffittt Scholarship Program ----->   Bill Moffitt Scholarship Application.pdf

Download a copy of the Bill Moffitt Policy and Procedures ----->  Bill Moffitt Scholarship Policy and Procedure

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