Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association® Requirements

As recognized industry leaders, HFMA Fellows act as ambassadors to the profession by raising the standard of practice through consistent participation in professional development activities and service to the healthcare finance industry. Fellows can maintain their FHFMA designation by teaching courses, making presentations, publishing, participating in special interest groups or attending educational events. It's up to you!

Requirements for FHFMA® certification include:FHFMA Logo

  • Current CHFP designation  
  • Five years total as a regular or advanced HFMA member (student membership does not count toward this total) 
  • Bachelor degree or 120 semester hours from an accredited college or university 
  • Volunteer activity in healthcare finance within three years of applying for the FHFMA designation, including one of the following: 
    • Earn the Follmer Bronze Award by earning 25 Founders points for HFMA volunteer activity
    • Volunteer in your HFMA chapter and earn two Founders points for two consecutive years
    • Volunteer service for two of the past three years in a healthcare industry organization


Earning the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional® Designation

CHFP Requirements:

  • Successful completion of the CHFP examination
  • Current and active regular or advanced HFMA membership*

Please note: The HFMA Board of Examiners strongly recommends that candidates have a minimum of 3–5 years healthcare provider management experience. This is not required to become a CHFP, but management experience is the primary preparation for the exam. You must be a current HFMA member to register, and sit for the CHFP examination.

More information about the CHFP program is available by downloading the FAQs - revised September 2014.

*Student membership does not count toward this total.

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