The North Carolina HFMA John H. Ketner Award

Nomination Instructions and Nomination Form

Revised 1/15/2015

The North Carolina HFMA Chapter’s John H. Ketner Award was established to honor John H. Ketner, one of the Chapter’s charter members.  The purpose of this prestigious Award is to annually recognize a member who, in a given Chapter year, has put forth an extra effort both in time and quality of work towards the betterment of the Chapter’s work toward meeting the Chapter’s annual Davis Chapter Management goals.  


Any number of activities would qualify a person for this recognition.  Past recipients who have been honored have served as Council Chairs (such as Publications or Programs), have been involved in coordinating major projects or programs, or have been involved in HFMA activities at the National level.  In keeping with this concept, three criteria have been set forth as a guide for determining the recipient of this coveted Chapter award.  It is the responsibility of the Awards Committee to verify that these minimum criteria have been met.


The minimum criteria for determining recipients of the Ketner Award are:


·         Must have held Chapter membership for at least three years


·         Must have been active in Chapter activities such as: Matrix, workshops and seminars, chapter meetings, writing of articles for the Chapter newsletter, or serving as an Officer, Board Member, Committee Chair, etc.


·         Must have given extraordinary effort on behalf of the North Carolina Chapter for the year for which the award is presented. Both the amount of time and the quality of the effort should be considered in determining the recipient.

The following information must be provided in order to nominate a candidate for the Ketner Award:

·         Describe ways in which the nominee has consistently participated in Chapter activities as a volunteer. These activities may include volunteering at Chapter meetings, Chapter workshops, participating in Matrix, writing articles for the Chapter newsletter, or servings as an Officer, Board Member, Committee Chair, etc.


·         Describe how the nominee has impacted the Chapter


·         Provide five words that can always be used to describe this individual.


Duties of the Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee is established by the Section 6 of the Chapter Bylaws and the composition and duties of the Committee are described in Policy # 43 of the North Carolina HFMA Chapter Policy and Procedure Manual.  The Committee consists of the Immediate Past President, the Current President, two members at large who have served as Presidents of the North Carolina Chapter that are appointed by the Board of Directors, and one member at large that is also appointed by the Board of Directors.  Members of the Awards Committee are not allowed to submit nominations for the Award.


It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Awards Committee to receive all nominations.  Nominations must be submitted individually by the nominator by the date specified each year.  Multiple nominations for the same nominee will be consolidated by the Awards Committee Chair to determine if the nominee meets the minimum qualifications for the Award.  This summary, along with the individual nominations for each nominee, will then be distributed to the other members of the Awards Committee.  The Awards Committee will then review the nominations and make the final determination as to the recipient of the Award. 


The work and deliberations of the Awards Committee are to be kept in strict confidence and are not to be discussed with anyone outside of the Awards Committee.  The information related to this process is to remain confidential for the life of the individuals serving on the Awards Committee, even after their term of service has been completed.


CLICK HERE to download  the nomination form for the John H. Ketner Award

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