The North Carolina HFMA Memorial Award

Nomination Instructions and Nomination Form

Revised 4/16/15

North Carolina Memorial Award:

The North Carolina HFMA Memorial Award was established in 1980 to honor the memory of Roland H. Seals and Ronald A. Russell, two former members of the NCHFMA Chapter who demonstrated unselfish character and integrity while contributing sustained and outstanding service to NCHFMA and to the healthcare industry.  Mr. Seals served as President of NCHFMA for the 1972/73 Chapter year, and Mr. Russell served as President during the 1978/79 Chapter year. 

In February 2015, the NCHFMA Board of Directors voted to add the name of Mary Amelia Bryant to the award in recognition of her immeasurable contributions to the North Carolina Chapter of HFMA and to the field of healthcare in general.  Ms. Bryant served as President of NCHFMA during the 1995/96 Chapter year.

The NCHFMA Memorial Award is given as a tribute to the professional legacy of these three individuals and is intended to recognize other HFMA members who have, over a career of service, exhibited the same exemplary levels of commitment and character.  The requirements for receiving the award are high; therefore, the award is not considered an annual one, but will instead be bestowed only when a member’s contributions to the Chapter and the field of healthcare are noteworthy, outstanding, and sustained over many years of service.


Minimum Criteria for Determining Award Recipients:(The Awards Committee will verify that the minimum criteria has been met)

  1. Must have held HFMA membership for at least fifteen years, with a minimum of ten years of service in the North Carolina Chapter.
  2. Must have received (or be eligible to receive) the Frederick T. Muncie Gold Award.
  3. Must receive a minimum of 3 nominations from a diverse representation of the membership. The nominations cannot be duplicates or copies of the same words describing the nominee, and must contain verifiable information.

Recommended format for nominations:

  1. Describe how the nominee has consistently (annually) participated in Chapter activities as a volunteer.  These activities may include participation in Chapter meetings, in Chapter workshops, in Matrix, in writing papers, in performing projects, serving as an officer, serving as a Member of the Board of Directors, etc.
  2. Describe how the nominee has impacted the Chapter and served as a role model for other volunteers.
  3. Describe how the nominee has influenced the healthcare community and profession with their financial expertise outside their volunteer efforts in the North Carolina Chapter. These may include participation in activities at the National HFMA level, mentoring other HFMA members, or serving in healthcare leadership roles outside of HFMA.
  4. Describe how the nominee has demonstrated a record of leadership in both HFMA and the healthcare industry.
  5. Provide five words that can always be used to describe this individual.

Duties of the Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee is established in Section 6 of the Chapter Bylaws and is defined in the North Carolina Chapter Policy and Procedure Manual.  The Committee consists of the Immediate Past President, the Current President, two members at large who have served as Presidents of the North Carolina Chapter appointed by the Board of Directors, and one member at large appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Chairman of the Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors.  Members of the Awards Committee are not allowed to submit nominations for the Memorial Award.

Nominations must be submitted individually by the nominator by the date specified each year, and it is the responsibility of the Chair of the Awards Committee to collect all nominations for the award.  Multiple nominations for the same nominee will then be consolidated and summarized by the Chair to assist in determining if the nominee meets the qualifications.  This summary, along with the individual nominations for each nominee, will be shared in strict confidence with the other members of the Committee.  The Awards Committee will review the nominations, and a report will be prepared by the Chair which will be presented to the NCHFMA Board of Directors announcing the decision(s) of the Committee.  That report will provide information regarding the number of individuals nominated, a summary of their qualifications, and any recommendation that is to be presented for consideration.  

In a year of multiple nominees, all things being equal in the basic criteria, if a particular candidate has made contributions “beyond the Chapter,” above and beyond those of other nominees, the selection will be based on those “beyond the Chapter” contributions.  In the event that a nomination lacks information that could define these “beyond the Chapter” contributions, it is within the purview of the Awards Committee to contact the nominator(s) for additional, clarifying information.

The Award will be presented during the NCHFMA Annual Meeting, after which the Chair of the Awards Committee will provide written communication to all nominator(s) of individuals not selected for the Award, thanking them for their nomination(s).  This communication will incorporate language encouraging the nominator to resubmit the nomination for future consideration.

The work of the Awards Committee and any nominations taken to the Board of Directors is done in a strictly confidential manner and should not be discussed with anyone outside of the Awards Committee.  If the Board of Directors receives a nominee from the Awards Committee, that information is also received and acted on in a strict confidential manner and should not be discussed.  This information shall remain confidential for the life of the individuals serving on the Awards Committee even after their term of service.

The NCHFMA Memorial Award Recipients

Recipient YEAR
D. Ronald Tomlinson, FHFMA (Posthumous) 2010-2011
Bobby E. Duncan, FHFMA (Posthumous) 2008-2009
Bunnie B. Overby 2006-2007
Amelia Bryant, FHFMA 2003-2004
Charles L. Acker 2001-2002
Don Whittington 1996-1997
Belinda Tilley 1991-1992
John William Moffitt 1988-1989
Ronald A. Russell (Posthumous) 1985-1986
Robert L. Newton, FHFMA 1983-1984
Roland H. Seals (Posthumous) 1980-1981




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